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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

3 Teams
Bill Walsh once said we are competing with 12 teams.  At that time there were only 28 teams in the league (42.8%).  What he understood was that his team needed to be designed to compete with and then "dictate-terms-to" the elite of the NFL.  Maybe this is why the 49ers would fall at the hands of lesser teams from time to time ... maybe not.  Very soon, the number of teams the Vikings will be made to face will pair down to three (3).

It is now understood that the participants in Super Bowl XLIV, that make the Pro-Bowl squad, will be announced at the Pro-Bowl at the stadium in Miami one (1) week prior to the big event.  Hey, its cool as we already plan to be in town and Chili just might be able to spare and hour or two, but all this hype is all truly irrelevant.  The Pro-Bowl voting, just like the convoluted BCS, is designed for the purpose of personal enrichment.  They don't hand out Super Bowl Rings and Super Bowl trophies based upon votes.  The hardware is bestowed upon strength of "T-E-A-M", not individual who-ha!

It's understood that there are many Vikings that are in jeopardy of achieving Pro-Bowl recognition once again, and other awards, such as the honor of offensive rookie of the year, but all this stuff is truly like a curse.  At the time, "I was truly honored and humbled by all these awards and accomplishments, but these fleeting moment were all just smoke and mirrors".  In other words the noise can only be viewed from a point of perspective ... we must always remember the never ending pall of the ledger ... one birth ... one death. 
Don't believe me?  Have you ever pondered the purpose of pain?  At the end of it all ... what path was taken toward securing your legend.  Did you listen and then focus on the noise?

In a very short period of time, the people that surround you will be gone ... scattered to the four winds.  What is now shall never be the same ever again.  Did you work yourself into a frothing-dog-like-state or did you learn the wisdom of maximizing your utility in time ... being good to yourself ... being the most to others ... enjoying the fleeting moments of life?

My mother once said, you really don't remember the good times ... we tend to focus on the most difficult times of our lives.  Could your perspective of your present objective, which actually began many many years ago, be the most difficult enterprise of your life?  What about it do you want to be seared into your mind ... what work have you secured as the fortuitous chisel for your epitaph?

Before you walk within the walls ... upon the Field of Death ... your mind must be exercised into a ravenous lather, and only then will there be no thoughts ... only infinite focus.  You will not feel fear ... only the searing focal point.  Is you head right yet ... Luke!      

Snap Shot
It's November 24th, 2009, and we peer deeply into the snap shot. Everyone expects the NFC Championship game to be played in New Orleans, just as they expected that game to be played in Dallas at the conclusion of the 2007 season.  As it turned out, the game found itself relocating in the frost of Green Bay under the wand of Farve.   

When you watch the Saints during their Bree's pre-game chant ... what do you see?  With one conference loss, not only will the crucial game-life & momentum be lost, the geography and the intensity changes.  What might be going through those minds? Are those souls truly free and clear?  Is the pressure building, maintaining, or is it in decline?  The way I see it ... this is less than an enviable position to be in.  Either they maintain ... keep gathering at the folds of an enormous exploding gut ... teetering upon the precipice ... or the suspenders will snap.  Are you getting the picture?  Is my point clear?       
This is in sharp contrast to a kid playing around like he was standing in a sand box ... smacking some asses ... and grasping and holding onto kids like they were about to leave him forever (It's not the body ... it's the spirit of the artistic talent that he's putting that bear hug on).  You won't understand it till it's gone.  Whoa ... what they hell was that?  This team is focused, like a well oiled machine, with diesel cylinders spitting and spouting, with an occasional whistle topper here and there, but there is certainly no pall overhead.  Tell me ... where would you rather be?

Does it really matter where that game is played?  For the Saints it means absolutely everything ... for the Vikings ... not so much!  All that is required is that blade of grass (or in this case ... turf).  Either way, the Saints want no business in facing this Viking team undefeated ... just ask the Patriots about losing historically ... not a good idea.    

Of the three, there will be only one that represents the AFC.   Some think there might be a Manning at the helm.  Yes, we lost to them in 2008 however, Peyton might remember that particular contest in an irreverent manner.  There is no comparable memory to the physical beating that Peyton took on that day.  Based upon that memory alone, combined with the prospect of facing the special skills of a Titling Field, my guess is that it might be a dark horse.

Fighting the Last War
Historically, generals have been fighting battles based upon the tactics of the last war for a millennia & more.  In preparation for the coming battles, generals assemble the tools and game plans from prior wars, as their is little other options available to them.  It's like trying to trap future time with a fish net.  It was clearly evident that the Hawks were fighting with an outdated game plan using the tools of a prior battles.  "It was like grasping at straws!".  Fill the gaps & stop AD, and maybe, just maybe we'll have a shot at winning this contest.  35 points later & they are grasping at ... "At least's".  At least we stopped AD.

Don't get frustrated.  You are a victim of your legacy.  In my book, they grabbed and tackled at that ball at least 7 times or more, and it was held high and tight.  Meanwhile your mates are a shedding!  Keep your chin up as there is no doubt ... your the "BOSS ACE"

Super Super Slow Mo
Apparently the league is looking into the latest unfair practices of the Minnesota Vikings.  No its not in the remnants of a new Williams Wall laxative.  Apparently on this new Super Super Slow Mo image enhancing camera set-up, you can clearly see Syd take out his ladder, climb it to catch balls in the end zone, and then poof ... it then mysteriously vanishes.  At present the ladder only shows up as a ghost-like image as this footage is not yet been classified as hard evidence.  Apparently, per league officials, this incident had not show up under regular slow motion but the league will clearly be watching with maximum scrutiny as it is now believed they have made all the necessary adjustments to capture this unscrupulous event in detail.

A league official was heard to say," First this Harvin kid defies gravity and now this?"   More to follow.  

Just kidding!  I couldn't resist.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 24, 2009

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