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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

3 & Out McNabb
Quicksand!  Did you ever get the feeling that you're in absolute free fall.  That is because for all your awesome efforts, you've been sold out ... hook, line & sinker.  A famous poet once said ... if it looks like craps ... smells like crap ... then it is crap!  You've all been played as a bunch of saps.  This team should have 3 wins and 0 losses on its way to a proper championship.  So you say that it's not McNabb's fault ... hey grandma, this guy over here said you screwed up again.  How could they possibly try to put McNabb on the field again ... but believe me ... they will try ... that is, unless we can stop them.  Hey, you guys aren't rookies ... some of you have been on IR.  What did that Ponder?  Is the sacrifice stacking up?  Now you have a championship season well within your grasp and your willing to lie down for what?  Blood should be shooting from your eyes.  This week ... the events shall be biblical!  One day you'll come to understand that it wasn't about money, the records or just about anything else.  It was about aligning yourself within your destiny.  

1st & goal at the 9.  McNabb takes the sack.  Joe Webb doesn't take that sack.  Instead ... we lose taking the Field Goal.

2nd drive, 2nd & 3, no gain.  3rd & 3, incomplete pass ... not even close.  Penalty 1st & 10 Vikings.  Peterson for 4 yards.  2nd & 6 to Jenkins almost picked.  3rd & 4, McNabb sacked.  McNabbed!  Take your 2nd Field Goal to seal our fate.

Harvin gets a big run followed immediately by a McNabb time out.  Classic!

3rd quarter, first possession.  2 yard Peterson.  McNabb scrambles out of the pocket and pulls it down for 2 yards.  3rd & 6 ... incomplete pass with illegal shift penalty.  Punt.  3 & Out McNabbed!  4 plays Touchdown Detroit.

2nd possession.  In the dirt to Shank ... bleep, bleep, bleep ... bull crap indicator screams.  McNabb Sacked.  3rd & long, pass high & out of bounds.  3 & Out McNabbed!  Detroit answers with a field goal. Score 20-10.

3rd possession at the 20 ... 1st & 10.  Short pass to middle to bottled up Peterson for 3.  Peterson run right for 6 yards.  3rd & 1.  Incomplete pass to Harvin.  The pass was clearly delivered late.  3 & Out McNabbed!  Punt.

Detroit follows with a 3rd & 10 ... complete for 15 yards.  1st & 10.  Off sides Williams ... 1st & 5.  60 yard gain ... awesome stop by Cook.  Again, 4th play of the drive.  End of the 3rd quarter.  Zone ... in the end zone defense.  Touchdown Calvin Johnson. 

4th Possession.  Booker's big return.  Peterson 15 yard gain.  Holding 1st @ 20.  Get ready to be McNabbed.  Harvin short pass turns into a 21 yard gain.  1st & 10 at the Lions 26 ... no one blocks -1 yards.  2nd & 11 ... 2 yards Petterson.  3rd & 9 ... ball delivered to shank for 8 yard gain.  4th & less than a yard.  No Viking soul on that field trusts McNabb with the ball.  Peterson used as a Decoy.  Gerhart becomes the goat.  Again, where it all falls apart is because at this point you can't trust anything that McNabb might do.  Vikings turn it over on downs.  Loved the call but it was doomed even before the ball was snapped.

Lions have the ball 1st & 10.  Chris Cook delivers a -1.  Awesome.  25 Johnson, right there ... doesn't wrap up, 3rd & 6.  Calvin Johnson 10 yard gain.  1st & 10 ... Winfield delivers a 3 yard loss.  Awesome.  Titus Young for 15 yards.  1st & 10 at the Vikings 40 ... Petigrew for 5.  2nd & 5 ... Harrison for 3.  3rd & 2 ... Cook delivers and Awesome stop once again.  Hansen delivers a 50 yard field goal.  Tied up at 20 a piece.

Get ready to be McNabbed again.  1st & 10 ... pass behind Kleinsasser up the seam.  It takes pin point accuracy to deliver a ball so that it cannot be caught.  Pass it badly enough and you can make anyone look like a goat.  2nd & 10 ... Pitch to Peterson for a loss of 4.  Why?  Well he's the only threat left!  3rd & 14.  Pass incomplete thrown high and out of bounds over a clearly wide open Berrian.  Only Paul Bunyan could hauled that one in?  3 & Out McNabbed!   Sold out again!  Punt.

Incredible defensive stand to back up Detroit to their goal line.

Detroit punts.  #55 takes a personal foul backing us up to the Vikings 47.  No 63 yard kick try for Longwell.  Just like a certain championship game.       

Coin flip Detroit followed by a phantom horse collar call.  Field Goal Hanson.  Game over!  All delivered in a nice tidy package.  

Our defense played an absolutely remarkable game.  We now all clearly know what Cook is still doing in Minnesota.  His play today was off the charts.

So you're thinking that I was wrong ... that the game was played and absolutely nothing happened.  Did it ... or is there a looming blood bath upon the horizon?  The "Paul" doesn't officially rise until your next kick off ... then we'll talk.  There is no disguising betrayal!  

At one point during the game, after an ailing Harvin ripped through Detroit's defense, one could clearly see that there was no way to stop the Gerhart, Harvin, Peterson & Joe Webb, et al run game.  No team in the league is designed to stop that.  Absolutely!  Positively!   And without question!  Can the NFL handle this rogue franchise ... unwilling to conform ... fighting for its very survival?  

Never in the history of the game has any team lost this badly in this way ... ever!  It is almost as if you would have to pay someone to lose in this way.  You also have to keep in mind that no one in the history of the NFL has ever started 0-3 and won it all but ... allot of things that have never happened before have happened allot lately.

Fool me once ... shame on you.  Fool me twice ... shame on me.  Fool me 3 times and watch out for the outstretched finger.

If you've cast your lot with the Beserker Nation and you're not now screaming for Joe Webb then you must be dead.  If you're not careful ... I may even raise them too for they have now entered the fray.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 25, 2011

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