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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

12th Man Due to Arrive 
It brings a tear to my eye.  It truly does.  The answer to that generational prayer ... year after year.  Hoping against all hope that they'd tear the roof off that dome to once again  play upon the frozen tundra known as the Met.  Although the roof did in fact collapse ... the Met is gone ... but the true 12th man  ... well ... he or she has never gone away. 

At this juncture ... to realize the achievement of that 3rd seed to face the Cardinal's once again in Arizona ... we need to appease the spirits of the great Native American leaders.  For after all, the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks are not birdies like the Cardinals or the Falcons.  They are angry Native Americans ... in strife, but willing to accept appeasement.

The only question, at this point is, will it be true rot-gut wiskey ... open upon that field ... or the truly expensive stuff that the average Joe like myself would never consider buying ... ever.  No Viking can drink it ... only leave it ...  open for the spirits to take their share.  Just like the shot glasses filled by Palmer, Travino & Nicolas in Columbus, Ohio to appease the Native American Spirits of a yearly washed out PGA tournament ... to relinquish sunshine.  Some say, it was some sort of sacred Native American Indian burial ground.  In fact, if Seattle's owner has a box in attendance on this day ... our ownership should equip that suite with open bottles ... left for open & free for consumption.  Leave a shot open and untouched too.  

So you think this is madness?  Well every year, during just about every Sedar, a glass of wine is left open and untouched for the arrival of Elijah.  Maybe the traditions of a people of over 4,000 years ... well maybe ... there is true meaning to such as ritual.      

In Seattle ... the 12th man was their crowd noise.  Any true Viking fan worth his or her salt knows that in our prior dome ... when the Vikings did poorly ... you could almost hear a pin drop as the crowd became a non-factor.  For this weekend they are forcasting temperatures near zero degrees ... maybe even below zero ... at kick-off.  It will be then that the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks know the true meaning of the true 12th man ... as he will be your companion in every second of that game.

Congratulations upon stomping the Packers and achieving the NFC North's Division title but more importantly a shot at a rematch with the Cardinals in Arizona.  It's ok to look forward as the Vikings have much more to gain in this particular game than one might imagine.  At the conclusions of that rematch with the Packer's, the first words out of my sons mouth was ... I hope there is a blizard in Minneapolis next Sunday ... where I responded that I'd be much more agreeable with cold and the winds of the north to ground Wilson's folly.  

So how does it feel to know that directly after that Green Bay contest, everyone ... and I mean everyone ... seeded the game to the Sea A-hole Sea Cocks?  Just like they seeded the division to the Packers after the 4th game of the season.  

You will see the bending of the rod as the week goes forward.  The arrival of the 12th man upon the seen will sway the minds of the true football salts as the day approaches.  Heck, you may even see Las Vegas ... and it's odds makers ... quiver, as a new factor approaches.

What was once a sure thing ... well ... not no sure, no more.  Love to be there with you but that just can't happen.  If you're lucky enough to attend, this day just might become legendary, as you bounce your grandchild upon you're knee ... years down the line.   

Beserk for the Vikings.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 6, 2016