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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Prepare yourself.  The Vikings are just one short step away from going 0 wins - 3 losses & its nothing more than self inflicted punishment based upon a bit of aloof arrogance.  The answer to their dilemma is screaming at them just inches from their faces.  Our staff has done everything to prevent the inevitable by stamping their feet & acting like children.

It doesn't matter that its Detroit that were facing ... although after two games, they are certainly quite capable of making hay.   

Apparently, people seem to be having difficulty with simple math.  For our first two contests they've said that we've had only three healthy corner backs.  Let's see there's Winfield, Asher, Sheppard & Webb ... I count four.  They say we have only four healthy wide receivers.  Let's see there's Berrian, Camarillo, Harvin, Lewis & Webb.  Again, I count five.  Bill Belichick can see it ... Why can't you? Joe Webb is an athlete & he can play anywhere.  Sounds like just about everyone but this author has some sort of learning disability or, could it be that too often we have been trained to accept political answers instead of the truth.  You see ... it doesn't matter where you put Joe Webb on the field ... it's because he's a once in a lifetime athlete, like Mr. Favre, and he can play just about anywhere.  By just accepting this simple math, there is absolutely no reason why the Minnesota Vikings need to mortgage their futures for the likes of Vincent Jackson.  Leave that to Mr. Daniel Synder.  What we need to do is to stop playing politics with the likes of Joe Webb.

Today, I got to see #14 all dressed up on the sideline ... but he had absolutely no where to go.

To date, I've given three (3) very obvious & very stern warnings to the Viking cohorts.  On August 30th I wrote, "If you continue in the endeavor to stash "The Gift", what will be the ultimate response?  I shudder at the thought.  On September 9th, 1 out of the 45 better contain the name Webb!   Ignore this to your own peril."  Of course this warning was ignored, and here we sit, 0-2 with about a ton of bad Karma.  This streak will not change until the gods are appeased ... Joe Webb must be allowed to fulfill his destiny.  He lines up on the field against Detroit and the entire world shifts at your feet.  

Here's how it works.  Joe lines up.  He slices through the Lions, then he slices and guts the entire league.  Use him as the emergency QB versus the Lions and you lose ... it's just that simple.  Zig ... humor me.  Just look at the end of the 45 that stand in front of Webb & tell me anyone of them can impact the game the way Joe Webb can.  

Now we find ourselves in critical peril.  There seems to be no answers.  Why is it that obstacles are almost never there?  The barriers tend to always be  implanted within our own minds.  It's not that there are no answers ... it that we are unwilling to explore the one and only option that makes absolute positive sense.     

Trying to describe AD's physical feet of September 19th, 2010 defies description.  There is only one thing that I could seem to mutter at the thought ... I was in awe.  It is no longer necessary to use words to debate anything to anyone ... foolishness ... so let's just stop ourselves from playing that game.  It is, what it is.  This is a game of men ... not words.        

I once remember Lee Travino running from a lighting-storm toward the club house with his arms in the air, carrying a 1-iron over his head.  Incredulous, someone jokingly asked, what the hell where you doing?  You could of been struck by lightning doing that.  Travino said jokingly, "Not even God can hit a 1-iron".

Statistics indicate that eventually, somewhere down the road, AD is going to give up that rock at some point during this long grinding season.  Now ... seasoned ... no longer fooled ... and completely focused ... it's still going to happen nonetheless, but now, Adrian Peterson is going to realize that when it does finally happen ... not even the big guy was going to be able to hold onto that rock.   

News gentlemen ... The New Orleans Saints are not your quarry!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 19th, 2009

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